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Set Your Home’s Sale Up for Success with Beautiful Styling

When it’s time to put your home on the market, professional staging and styling can be the difference between a high-value sale that spends little time on the market or a longer process that may leave you accepting a lower offer than what you’d initially hoped for. In fact, a 2021 survey by the National Association of Realtors® showed that staging a home can increase the sale price anywhere from 6% to 10% compared to a non-staged home. At Sage and Oak Studios, we work with clients to bring unique and on-trend styling to homes that generate excitement and interest in the property while increasing the value. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

Our Unique Staging Process

We work with individuals and professionals from various backgrounds, from residential homeowners and realtors to investors and developers. Like all of our design services, we take a hands-on approach that starts with getting to know you and the property. We will treat your home like a blank canvas, using on-trend design techniques to bring in furniture, accent pieces, lighting, and paint colors that brighten rooms and open-up spaces to create a positive mood and feel. Getting started is simple.

Schedule a Property Visit

Get in touch with us to schedule a consultation. We will do an initial walk-through of the property together. During this time, we’ll discuss specific areas for staging, the potential, and style ideas. We’ll also take photos to review later.

Review Your Staging Proposal

As a follow-up to our on-site consultation, we will send you a proposal that includes an outline of the rooms we recommend staging, a plan for each one, and the cost. These will be based on the conversations and details discussed during the property visit. The goal of our design is to ensure you receive the highest market value for your home.

Proposal Acceptance

After reviewing the options and providing any feedback, at this time, you would accept and sign the proposal to move forward.

Staging Day

The moment we’re all excited for and anticipating. We will bring in all of the furniture and items to implement our design plans to really WOW potential buyers! After staging, your property will be ready for photos, listing, and potential offers.

Removal of Staging Items

Our initial agreement for staged properties includes the rental of items for four weeks. If the house remains on the market and you need the items longer, we can extend the period for a monthly fee and continue as long as necessary. When you no longer need the staging items, simply call us a week in advance, and we will schedule a date to remove them all.

Inspiring and Elegant

Contact Sage and Oak Studios for a staging consultation today.

Choose the Package That Best Meets Your Needs

Basic Package

This provides all you need for a DIY interior design experience with guidance and oversight from a professional designer. The package includes 2D mood boards, complete floor plans, a shopping list, and instructions for every step to get you on your way.

Premier Package

Our top-tier offering includes everything you need for successful design execution, such as the design board, complete with accessory and design ideas, and 3D renderings. If you prefer a tactile experience, we can provide a box of textile samples for an in-person look and feel of your options. The pricing for this add-on service to the package will be based on the scope of the project.

kitchen decor

Why Staging Is Important When Selling Your Home

Home staging and styling continue to become an increasingly important part of the home selling process, thanks in part to the number of buying and selling shows on television. When a potential buyer enters a home, they usually expect one of two things, either a lifestyle they can imagine themselves in or to picture their own furniture and belongings in the house. Our professional home styling services make both of these possible. Benefits include:

  • Staging a home makes it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home for their family
  • It increases the dollar value home buyers are willing to offer for a property
  • An empty house makes it difficult for potential buyers to imagine how their furniture and style will fit in that home
  • According to agents, buyers spend twice as long in a staged home than a non-staged one
  • Providing visual functionality of a room removes uncertainty in spare bedrooms, office spaces, or dens

Home Staging FAQs

With today’s online MLS listings, most people start their homebuying work online. Staged homes present better in online photos than non-staged properties increasing interest right away. Many buyers will have personal taste that differs from yours, so providing a contemporary, on-trend styling touch in your home will make it more attractive to a larger audience of buyers.

Not always, and empty homes look cold and sterile. Believe it or not, it’s very difficult for homebuyers to picture their own furniture and belongings in a vacant house. Staging a home helps tell the story of the property and inspires buyers with possibilities while they walk through it.

Of course not! As your home staging consultant, we will identify all of the areas of your property where we think styling is necessary to get you the most value for your home. We include all of them in our proposal. We understand that not all recommendations will fit within your budget, timeline, or scope. However, we will be honest to ensure your expectations are aligned properly for those you decide not to move forward with. We recommend property owners implement at least 75% of our recommendations for the best results.

We own it! We have an in-house inventory of high-quality, in-style items that we choose personally for your property including, furniture, artwork, linens, lighting, and more.

That’s ok, but property owners must keep in mind that we’ve been hired for our expertise and focus in this field. Trusting us to implement our designs offers the best chance for success. Remember, we’re staging to appeal to a wide variety of potential buyers. While some choices may not be your preference, they’re made with reason in mind.

As much as possible is always best for proper planning. We’d love to get two weeks’ notice, but longer than that is even better.

The length of time will depend on the size of the project, but most staging can be completed in one day, with larger ones requiring two or three days.

Of course not, you’ve hired us to handle this for you, and we understand that families, especially those selling a property, have busy schedules. You are not required to be there or help with the staging, but if you like to be part of the process, you are welcome to participate.

Our initial contract is for a four-week period. Most staged homes sell within that time frame. If your property needs it longer, we can work on a month-to-month rental fee until the house sells or you no longer want the items.

We do it all! Contact us for professional staging in single-family homes, condos, apartments, vacant investment properties, builder model homes, and more. We work directly with homeowners, real estate agents, investors, property builders, landlords, and professional property flippers.

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